To be done ?


  1. Reactivate/recreate Web policy/review panel

  2. Block user Dream Hosting

  3. Address possible inconsistencies in notifications to users re passwords.

  4. Consider allowing users to change their passwords.

  5. Dig out any notifications of Events held up by freeze (Probably OBE!)

  6. Add some style notes and other policy statements (under Maintenance)

  7. Switch editor log-in from Members Pages to Maintenance (i.e. tell editors and then, after a decent interval, remove from Members Pages)

  8. Tidy up Glossary

  9. Update and clean up the Working Group (Site Support) page. [Done]  At the same time [per Raymond comment] consider making the pages referred to for which those mentioned are responsible actually linked to those pages.

  10. On Members Pages page, make text which refers to menu links themselves links to the appropriate material. [per Raymond comment]

  11. Sort out problems with paragraph spacing. Awaiting comment by Sam.

  12. Set up site Contact form. Sam awaiting response by Bill.

  13. Sort out a number of broken external links. [NB Our problem: absolutely nothing to do with Sam!]

  14. Make sure external links open new windows.

  15. Check intra-page links – suspicion that some are wrong or ragged.

  16. Add new page for Young Quakers (under Members Pages)   [Done] 

  17. Add new page for Devon Business (under Members Pages); copy material from old Devon Area page; and make Devon E&O subordinate to it.

  18. Add new page for Cornwall Business (under Members Pages)

  19. Add new page for Sheldon (under Members Pages)

  20. Add new page for Friends World Wide (under Issues...).

  21. Add new page for Alcohol and Drugs (under Issues...).

  22. Add new page for Education (under Issues...).

  23. Add new page for Justice (under Issues...).

  24. Add new page for Death (under Issues...).

  25. Add new page for Letters (under Politics under Issues...)

  26. Set up an Edit Help page/section (under Maintenance)

  27. Look at possibility of auto-mailing notification of changes [per Vernon suggestion]

  28. Look again at the possibility of moderated comments [per Vernon suggestion]