Some guidance on recommended policies for site editing

[Very preliminary notes]


  • In general links to external sites should be set to "Open page in new window" whereas links to other parts of this site should be set to "Open page in same window" or (an easier way of achieving the same end!) just not set. Links to PDF and other files have not been treated uniformly. They are really internal links, of course, but there is a feeling that in at least some circumstances they are better trated as external links. 
  • It is usually regarded as bad practice to use the construction: “If you would like more information about such and which, click here and for details concerning this and that, click here.”, where here is the linked text. For accessibility reasons, every link to a different page should have different link text and, in any case, the link text should be meaningful in its own right so that those who simply scan the highlighted text can quickly see where they want to go. Better to use something like “Further information is available on such and which and this and that”, where such and which and this and that are the linked text.  [Raymond]
  • Related to this, URLs are used as linked text and just add unnecessary jargon to a page. [Raymond] Depends on whether the user is going to click the link or cut and paste the URL. [Bill]