Recent changes

Changes made to this site from release of new version on 05 Dec 12 up to 18 Jan 13

  1. Changed the table at top of Home page to be full width, previously 826px.

  2. Restored the “Welcome” block at the top of the Home page menu.

  3. Removed block titles from “Navigation menu”, “Main menu”, and “User menu”.

  4. Removed “Navigation menu” from left bar.

  5. Changed the rest of left bar sequence to Log in (Log in page only), User menu (logged in users only), Main menu, and Search.

  6. Set the Area menus under Meetings to expand when clicked. DONE by Sam

  7. Put back the “>>” in the labels of expandable menu items.

  8. Put the “Whoosh report” back below Log in in the Members sub-menu.

  9. Investigated and corrected 9 or 10 broken page-to-file links. [Found using Xenu.] DONE by Sam – to check

  10. Restored about 22 intra-page links (“anchors”). [Found using Xenu.] DONE by Sam – to check

  11. Set new intra-page links for Exeter, at request of local editor.

  12. Added several more buttons to the menu bar available to page editors, including character size and font.

  13. Reconstructed the Glossary page, previously prevented by the “403 - Forbidden” problem, by copying the text in slices.

  14. Attempted to reconstruct the History page, previously prevented by the “403 - Forbidden” problem. Succeeded 80%, but then Drupal regressed. Decided to split the page, but encountered bizarre text formatting problems. Formatting problems explained by Drupal's rational but weird treatment of “Filtered HTML”, use of which is now being avoided. History material now installed in the form of a primary (cover) page plus five sub-pages. In the course of copying text differences between old and new formatting rules manifested, and considerable editing of layout required.

  15. Changed site's e-mail address for notifications from that of Value Aware alone to, mail to which is automatically forwarded to both Bill and Value Aware.

  16. Sorted out problems with vertical alignment in tables. Sam identified two problems:
     (a)  Layout during Edit is incorrect, but it is OK in View. It turns out that the add-on Preview has the same defect, so Bill has left that disabled.
     (b)  Some text had inherited bad HTML from Drupal 4.
    Sam cleaned this up.

  1. Created new “testbed” on site as home base for pages hidden for all sorts of reasons.

  2. Corrected character size error on Meetings page [per Raymond comment]

  3. Changed Vernon e-mail address on Working Group page and on Gatherings page [per Raymond comment]

  4. Corrected various bad links and/or improved link text on Who Are The Quakers page, First Time In Meeting page, Members page, and Gatherings page [per various Raymond comments]

  5. Added some text to Cornwall page to explain presence of Morley Tamblyn link [per Raymond comment]

  6. Replaced the “Powered by Drupal” block by one which opens a new window. At the same time, extended that block to say “Maintained by Devon and Cornwall Quakers collectively, with the able support of Value Aware Internet Development and Consultancy”. (New text approved by Sam, Vernon and Alan.)

  7. Cleaned up text in “Becoming Friends” section on Home page. [per Raymond comment]

  8. Started new primary section on Maintenance, with a view to collecting together material (old and new) about the site itself and its maintenance, and thereby getting the Members Pages a bit better focused. Transferred Site Support page to it. Created this new page.


During 2012 the long and difficult task of upgrading this site from Drupal 4 to Drupal 7 was undertaken by Internet Design and Consultancy. Although there were a few things left to do, it was judged expedient to activate the new version on 05 Dec 12.