Support for Trustees & Treasurers


Governing Document - All trustees should be familiar with the Governing Document agreed with the Charity Commission (CC).  It includes minor changes to the draft supplied by Friends House.

Charity Commission advice - The Charity Commission publications page provides a wealth of useful information.  In particular, new trustees may find the following useful: CC3 - The essential trustee: what you need to know; CC3a - Charity trustee: what's involved.

Annual Report and Accounts - The Annual Report & Accounts for 2015. (Also see DAM's entry on the CC website).  More detailed accounts showing the collation of all LMs are available from the AM Treasurer.

Annual Return - The Annual Return is a separate document and not in the public domain.  The latest copy may be obtained from the AM Tressurer.



Directory of Services - On the Friends House website, the Directory of Services contains sections for trustees and for treasurers, with a separate section devoted to property advice.   It is useful for trustees to be aware of the existence of the other contents too.

Records management in meetings  - The IRMS (Information and Records Management Society) has best practice guidelines for the charity sector on records retention. Also available is guidance from Friends House.

Charities against fraud  - The CC and the Charity Sector Counter Fraud Group provide resources to help charities limit their vulnerability to fraud.

12 questions about digital for trustees - A resource to help trustees exploit digital resources for their charity, intended to cover the essentials and be a starting point for discussion.


Annual Reporting and Accounting - The CC document CC15c - Charity reporting and accounting: the essentials clearly sets out what we have to do.

Safeguarding - Issues concerning Trustees responsibilities, legal requirement and best practice with regard to safeguarding children and vulnerable people.  (AMs are also members of CCPAS, the Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service which provides training and advice).

National Minimum Wage - Revision occurs every October. Keep in touch with the current rates for the National Minimum Wage.

The Living Wage - The Living Wage Foundation calculates how much people need to live on.



Support for Treasurers - Friends House information to aid treasurers covers many useful areas. See also. ACAT, the Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers. (All Quaker treasurers have access).

GASDS (Gift Aid Small Donation Scheme) - It's easy to get this wrong.  Check out the GASDS guidance from the HMRC.

Accounting and reporting templates for FRS 102 - The Charities SORP FRS 102 templates are for use with accrual accounts for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2015.  (For AM rather than LM Treasurers).



CONTACTS (but try the websites listed above first)

Area of interestNameEmailatTelephone
Trustee supportHelen 7663 1161
Treasurer supportGaby 7663 1045
Property supportLesley  
RecordsLisa 7663 1127
Gift Aid - HMRC
   0300 123 1073