<<e-mail to George Eustice MP for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle sent 18/01/2013 - based on a draft letter suggested by 38 Degrees. >>

Bee colonies are dying across Europe and lots of other governments have banned the pesticides that are widely being blamed. As you probably know, from your family background, bees are vital for pollination and thus much Cornish food production and the success of the horticultural industry.

You probably already know that this week the European Food Safety Authority described one of the neonicotinoid pesticides as an ‘unacceptable’ danger to bees?

However HM government is refusing to act on this dire warning.

Please write to the Secretary of State and demand that the government takes immediate action and bans these harmful pesticides. Please pressure the government to take a precautionary principle and ban these pesticides until the pesticide industry can prove that they are not harming our bees.

I am one of your constituents.

Vernon White

<<<Letter from George Eustice MP for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle 22/01/2013 replying to the above email>>>

<Handwritten: Dear Mr White>

Thank you very much for your recent email about the decline of the UK bee population. I have received many emails on this matter and I think it is an incredibly important issue.

As someone who grew up on a fruit farm, I was always very conscious of the importance of bees to life. We used to keep colonies of honey bees to pollinate the apple orchards but there were also many different types of bumble bee that lived on the farm. I also used to look after commercially cultivated hives of bumble bees on a large heated glass house nursery that I used to run and they were amazing to watch.

Last week I met representatives for Friends of the Earth and I have pledged to support their campaign for a strategy to deal with declining bee populations. I am also a member of the EFRA Select Committee and I intend to make the case among my colleagues for an inquiry into this issue within the next six months or so because I think it matters so much.

Thank you once again for highlighting this important issue with me and I very much agree that action is required to identify the causes of the sharp decline in the bee population.

Kind regards,

<Signature:George Eustice>



Friends of the Earth briefing on Bee population decline:

Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs website:

Note: Four members of the EFRA Committee sit for constituencies in Devon & Cornwall .