Devon Area Business

Devon Area Meeting

General  [A brief introduction for the uninitiated]

Devon Area business meetings (abbreviated to DAM) are held every two months. They take most of a day and include routine matters such as budgets and membership. To make travel as easy as possible they are often held in Exeter, and sometimes in Plymouth or Okehampton; but once a year in the summer the host is another of the Local Meetings (LMs).

Each LM in Devon sends two people to represent them formally at DAM and report back to them afterwards, but all members are invited, and many go. Attenders (only) ask their Local Meeting to tell Area Meeting Clerk beforehand if they are going. Talking together over lunch abd tea are a great way to get to know Friends from other LMs throughout Devon. Tea and coffee is provided by the host Meeting.

DAM papers and minutes are sent to all Local Meetings, who distribute them to members by email, and an email newsletter is sent soon afterwards.


Schedule of Area meetings, see the Events page

See separate page for matters of interest to Devon Elders and Overseers.