This page presents a range of letters, actual and sample, on topics of concern to Quakers.

Quakers are good at writing to right wrongs, because they know injustice when they see it, are not inclined to stand idly by, and have the necessary skills.  Individual letters can be effective, and numbers count.  But many Friends lack time, so this page aims to provide ‘starter models’ for other Friends to adapt.  If you have such a letter, send a copy of it to alan@ray-jones.org.uk with the necessary background information, including when it went and how (contact details).  Whether I put it on the page will depend on various factors, so please don’t mind if I don’t, or if I remove it or replace it with a later model on the same topic - or remove the topic entirely. Please let me know whether I may attach your name; or add a note to Friends with any background information useful to other writers; or an answer from the recipient which it would be helpful to report.
Alan Ray-Jones

Israel and Palestine
Letter to Amazon UK sent on 5 February 2013 via a personal Amazon account.

Letter to Morrisons UK sent on 12 June by post

Letter to the Bishop of London supporting the replica Wall at St James's Church, Piccadilly

Letters to Emily Thornberry MP, March 2013 and the Department of Health, 2 April 2013

Letter to MP sent in 2011

Letter to the Culture Secretary about Leveson, June 2013


Decline in bee population
Correspondence with MP (Jan 2013

Army PR
Some correspondence concerning army public relations activities.

G8 2013 and Climate Change
Question to the Sec of State for Energy

 Ban the Bombers
A skeleton letter (not yet written!) for sending to MPs about the "Ban the Bombers" campaign (not yet started!).