It is possible that this page will one day have additional/amended subordinate pages for

  • a collection of "How to edit" texts
  • a statement of policies
  • a catalogue/log of changes made
  • Bill's worklist


The notes below are copied from the old "Log in for editors" page; but it remains to be verified that they are still applicable under Drupal 7.

Notes for editors

7. Very occasionally you may find that a page you need to edit has no "Edit" button at the top. That is because the underlying software (Drupal) is a bit absent-minded and can forget that you are logged in. To remind it, just press control-R, and all will be well, inshallah.

6. Reminder. Please NEVER use the "Delete" button which appears at the bottom of the page when you are editing.

5. Most of the "View map" links on the LM pages were found to have gone wrong, apparently as a result of the takeover of Multimap by Bing. I have now corrected nearly all of them. Please check that yours now works satisfactorily. All should now open in a new window. Some are now on Bing and some on Google Maps, and some of these are on Map view and some on Satellite view. I like Satellite on Google: do you? I mainly did map selection using the postcode. Is the resulting pin marker too far away from where it is needed? And would your map look better if zoomed in or out? Please let me know of any problems or requirements. [WJW/27Jan12]

4. Note for new editors. If you make changes to a page and then look at a different page without pushing the "Submit" button at the bottomyou will lose all the changes you have made.

3. Some editors are conscious of the fact that putting e-mail addresses anywhere on Web sites risks having them put onto spam lists by robotic site scanners. At least three different evasive measures are visible on this site. (a) The Falmouth page has the contact e-mail address as a picture (.gif) rather than text. (b) The Come-to-Good page redirects you to a contact form on the BYM site. (c) Bill tends to break up his e-mail address to make it more difficult to find mechanically (as in <hope "at">). The thoughts of members of the editorial team on this issue would be welcomed. [WJW/08Dec11]

2. This page (/content/yy-old-user-login) is reachable by Home > Members Pages > Log In. But you might find it preferable to bookmark this page ("save as favorite") so that you go straight to it when you access the site. Alternatively (and Alan prefers this option) you can bookmark, which takes you to a different, and rather better looking, log-in page. But then you miss seeing these notes.

1. Please let Raymond Thompson know if by mischance you find that you are no longer able to edit your pages or are in any way prevented from doing things you need to be able to do. E-mail to raymond[at] or, if urgent, telephone 01.392.438.148.