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The Community Pages for Devon and Cornwall Quakers

Remember to look at the non-public events for members and attenders.

There's help if you are foxed (no pun intended) by Quaker Speak or acronyms.

You may still be interested in a report on the "Whoosh" conference.


If you want to know:
- what a Quaker acronym means; - or something to do with the history of Quakers or a Meeting House in Devon or Cornwall;
- or what was decided recently in Meeting for Sufferings or at the last Yearly Meeting;
- and what further action has been requested from Local Meetings and individual Friends;
have a look at the members' pages listed in the menu on the left.

Higher up the menu:
- Organisation....... is about the successor arrangements to General Meeting for Devon & Cornwall.
- Links takes you to a vast amount of information on Quakers and initiatives of interest to Quakers;
- Events is a calendar for Quakers in the South-West, but only if the Friends responsible for them tell Bill (swq01[at] in advance.
- News is local or national news of interest - let Alan know if you would like something to be added and remembered.
- Quaker Voices is what Friends in Devon & Cornwall put in the public realm - let Alan know if additions are needed
- Books - Vernon's page leads to Quaker libraries and books.

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