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/: 043-CtG from treetop2010-07.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: 09Dec_justbought.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: 09Dec_justpurchased.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: 10Summer_MFW.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: 11Feb_inspectingwork.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: 11Feb_inspectingworks.jpg (in use?)

/: 131106 Tideford-ButlerQMHB.jpg (in use?)

/: 140423 20140304_145515.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: 2011_quaker_mh_small.jpg (in use?)

/: 377.jpg (in use?)

/: 377_0.jpg (in use?)

/: another door opens.jpg (in use?)

/: April 2013.jpg (in use?)

/: Ashburton 1.jpg (in use?)

/: Ashburton 2.jpg (in use?)

/: Ashburton 2_0.jpg (in use?)

/: Ashburton 2_1.jpg (in use?)

/: Ashburton 3.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: ashburton_receiving_keys.jpg (in use?)

/: ATT00001.gif (in use?)

/pictures/: barnstaple.jpeg (in use?)

/pictures/: BetjemanCentreSWQ.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: BF_posterv3.jpg (in use?)

/: Big Q poster.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: bude.jpeg (in use?)

/: candle.gif (in use?)

/: candle2.gif (in use?)

/: candle2_0.gif (in use?)

/pictures/: Come-to-Good.jpeg (in use?)

/pictures/: consent.jpeg (in use?)

/pictures/: CONSTRCT.gif (in use?)

/pictures/: Copy of nakba 65 graphic.jpg (in use?)

/queries/files/: Copy of nakba 65 graphic.jpg (Lost?)

/pictures/: Copy of no entry2.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Copy_of_JCB.jpg (in use?)

/: DSC_0369.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: DSC09467.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: DSCF1556w.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: DSCF1567w.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: DSCF1570w.jpg (in use?)

/: ExeterFMHOct2015.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Exmouth_Open_Door.jpg (in use?)

/: favicon.png (in use?)

/: February 2013.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image01BristolQuakerPeaceGarden.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image02QuakerFaithAndPractice.png (in use?)

/images/: image03WordsWeLike.gif (in use?)

/images/: image04JustOrdinaryPeople.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image05PlainDress.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image06GeorgeFoxGraveStone.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image07MargaretFellOnTheRoleOfWomen.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image08ExeterQuakers.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image09WorshipAtWoodbrooke.jpg (in use?)

/: Image1.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image10LeonTrotskyQuote.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image11JuliaWardHoweQuote.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image12NorwichQuakersQuilt.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image13AQuakerTapestry.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image14BeliefInAction.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image15QuakerQuest.gif (in use?)

/images/: image16GlobalHungerIndex.png (in use?)

/images/: image17CandleLight.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image18WitnessesForPeace.png (in use?)

/images/: image19WordsWeLike.jpg (in use?)

/: Image2.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image20SelfExpression.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image21OtherFaiths.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image22AgainstTrident.jpg (in use?)

/images/: image23AthensLogo.jpg (in use?)

/: Image3.jpg (in use?)

/: Image4.jpg (in use?)

/: Image5.jpg (in use?)

/: Image7.jpg (in use?)

/: Image8.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: IMG_2183-500.jpg (in use?)

/: IMG_3431 (3) (1024x820).jpg (in use?)

/: IMG_3433 (2) (619x1024).jpg (in use?)

/: inside.jpg (in use?)

/: July 2013.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Kalandia.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Kenya_logocolourjpeg.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: kingsbridge.jpeg (in use?)

/: large_DSC_0354.JPG (in use?)

/: large_Thursday Meeting.jpg (in use?)

/: large_Winter 2012.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Liskeardw2.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: map.jpeg (in use?)

/pictures/: MarazionMH.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Mary_thinks_0.jpg (in use?)

/: meeting house 010.JPG (in use?)

/: meeting house window 010.JPG (in use?)

/: meeting house2.jpg (in use?)

/: meeting house3.jpg (in use?)

/: meeting house5.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: meeting_house_rear.jpg (in use?)

/: money mtg.jpg (in use?)

/images/: multi-faith-symbols.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: nakba65.jpg (in use?)

/: nakba65y.jpg (in use?)

/: new doorway.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Olive_destruction.jpg (in use?)

/: one door closes.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Pal Day pgm 23Feb13.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: penzance.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: picture-73-1352832795.jpg (in use?)

/queries/pictures/: picture-756-1458037763.jpg (Lost?)

/pictures/: Plymouth FMH.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Plymouth FMH_0.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Plymouth FMH_1.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Plymouth FMH_1_0.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Plymouth FMH_1_0_0.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: plymouth2.jpeg (in use?)

/: Poster new.png (in use?)

/pictures/: Q.png (in use?)

/: quaker_logo.png (in use?)

/pictures/: Quaker_Quest_-_meeting_house_-_s.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Sidmouth_Quakers.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Slide1.jpg (in use?)

/: small_Ashburton 1.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: small_BF_posterv3.jpg (in use?)

/: small_ExeterFMHOct2015.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: small_Kenya_logocolourjpeg.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: small_Plymouth FMH.jpg (in use?)

/: Stained Glass Ball.gif (in use?)

/pictures/: staustell.jpeg (in use?)

/pictures/: staustell1.jpeg (in use?)

/pictures/: staustell2.jpeg (in use?)

/: stone cutting.jpg (in use?)

/: Sue Holden.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: Susiya_tent_8.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: tavistock.jpeg (in use?)

/pictures/: Tavistock_Town_Map_ss_.jpg (in use?)

/: Thursday Meeting.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: torquay.jpeg (in use?)

/pictures/: totnes.jpeg (in use?)

/pictures/: truro.jpeg (in use?)

/: upper room.jpg (in use?)

/: upper room_0.jpg (in use?)

/: view from new Meeting Room.jpg (in use?)

/pictures/: WB01243_.gif (in use?)

/: windows from ladder 2.jpg (in use?)

/: Winter 2012.jpg (in use?)

/: Work in progress 24-1-2013.jpg (in use?)

OpenOffice files (odt)

/: Sheldon2013 Booking Form.odt (in use?)

PDF files (pdf)

/queries/files/: 120211_Paul_Parker_timetable.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: 121013_JoiningInstructionsExeterFMH.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: 121013_Oct13-ContactsList.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: 121013_Qposter2.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: 121013_Qprogramme2.pdf (Lost?)

/: 130205 How much is enoughTE.pdf (in use?)

/: 130531 9 parts a Quaker, A4 poster 13.05.13.pdf (in use?)

/: 130531 Nine Parts a Quaker flyer.pdf (in use?)

/: 130531 Slave owners in Devon.pdf (in use?)

/: 130603 Leaflet.pdf (in use?)

/: 130819 stolov poster.pdf (in use?)

/: 130831 Korogwe Choir.pdf (in use?)

/: 130921 Plymouth Peoples Assembly 1st Flyer A4.pdf (in use?)

/: 131004 Experiment with Light Glenthorne 4-6 Oct 2013.pdf (in use?)

/: 131007 Invitation.pdf (in use?)

/: 131007 MAP AND DIRECTIONS.pdf (in use?)

/: 140202 ceilidh poster.pdf (in use?)

/: 140202 Course 5.4.14.pdf (in use?)

/: 140306 EU elections information pack 2014.pdf (in use?)

/: 140318 Sustainability day.pdf (in use?)

/: 140403 Sustainability day.pdf (in use?)

/: 140404 flyer A4 PDF ww1.pdf (in use?)

/: 140504 Autobiog-Fred-Murfin.pdf (in use?)

/: 140504 NOTES-For-Autobiog-Murfin.pdf (in use?)

/: 140719 Workshop.pdf (in use?)

/: 140906 Workshop.pdf (in use?)

/: 140915 Poster A4 of Exhibition and talk.pdf (in use?)

/: 141025 Money poster.pdf (in use?)

/: 150221_WELCOME FRIEND_EUROPE_D&C Feb 2015_V3.pdf (in use?)

/: 150425 Poster invitation.pdf (in use?)

/: 150826 Drug Policy Reform in Portugal(1).pdf (in use?)

/: 160305 Devon and Cornwall Gathering Notes.pdf (in use?)

/queries/attachments/: 2015 Jan Q newsletter.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/attachments/: advice june.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/attachments/: 'Advices and Querues;- May.pdf (Lost?)

/: Ashburton Library Catalogue-issue E 22 June 2014.pdf (in use?)

/: AshburtonDonationForm.pdf (in use?)

/: Back-Chamness_The courage to think small_Jan2013 .pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: Bowman_Peace___young_people_Oct2011.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/attachments/: Briefing paper regarding decriminalisation of the personal use of drugs.pdf (Lost?)

/: Brotherton 2013 the Friend Paradoxes of suffering.pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: BYM_2011_Economic_Justice.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: BYM_2011_Minute_36.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: BYM_2012_Economic_Justice.pdf (Lost?)

/: Chamness_Bluebell Sunday_May2013 .pdf (in use?)

/: Chamness_Christian Guide Book_Jun2013 .pdf (in use?)

/: Childs 2013 The Friend 3Generate.pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: Childs_Change_Dec2010.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Childs_Fears_April2012_.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Childs_LiveSimply_Jun2005.pdf (Lost?)

/: Childs_Peace_Dec2012 .pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: Childs_Responsibilities_Jan2009.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Childs_Stillness_March2012_.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Conyngham_Climate_Camp_Sep_2009.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Conyngham_Marching_for_Land_in_India_Oct2007.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Conyngham_Peace___social_justice_Oct2011.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Creating_Alliances_group_summary.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Credit_Unions_group_summary.pdf (Lost?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1211-public by meeting.pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1211-public).pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1301-by meeting).pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1301-by responsibility).pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1301-by responsibility)_0.pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1301-history).pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1305-by meeting).pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1305-by responsibility).pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1401-by meetings) Freya.pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1401-by meetings) Freya_0.pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1401-by responsibility) Freya.pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1401-by responsibility) Freya_0.pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1407-by meetings) Freya.pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1407-by responsibility) Freya.pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1409-by meetings) Freya.pdf (in use?)

/: DAM Responsibilities (1409-by responsibility) Freya.pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: DAM_Responsibilities___1209-public_.pdf (Lost?)

/: DandC Oct19 Gathering-Genposter.pdf (in use?)

/queries/attachments/: DandC Oct19 Gathering-Genposter.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Darbyshire_Be_Still_Oct2010.pdf (Lost?)

/: DevonAM-GovDoc2009.pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: Dickman_The_Environment_Jun2010.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Dorothy_Nelson_-_091031_2.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Eckles_A_Quaker_Way_Sep2009.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Eckles_Seeking_happiness_Dec2011_.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Feb 2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Flack_Forgiveness_Dec2005.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Flack_InconvenientTruth_Apr2007.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Flack_Maundy_Thursday_Apr2006.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Flack_New_Year_Jan2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Flack_Seahorses_Jan2010.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Flack_Silence_Sep2007.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Gathering_Poster_11_02_12_Paul_Parker.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Gatherings1983-2012.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: GM81011.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: gmreport.pdf (Lost?)

/: Guidance on seeking funding from DAM.pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: ham_Tackling_climate_change_together_Aug2009.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hayes_BeingPresent_Apr2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hayes_Community_March2011_.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hayes_ContemplativePrayer_Mar2010.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hayes_God_is_present_April2011_.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hayes_Outreach_Nov2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hayes_Receiving_Jun2009.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hayes_Refreshment_Jun2008_0.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hayes_Simplicity_September2012_.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hayes-Truth_seeking_Aug2011.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Higbee_Fairtrade_Aug2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Higbee_Trust_August2012_.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_350yrsofQuakerism_Sep2002.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Belief_Oct2009.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Christmas_Nov2000.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Compassion_Mar2007.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Crime_Punishment_Oct2006.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Dogmas_Jun2006.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Drumcree_Feb1998.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Election_May1997.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Fundamentalism_Aug2006.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Fundamentalism_Mar2007.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_God_Mammon_BSE_Nov1999.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Growing_up_Oct2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Hiroshima_Aug1995.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Homelessness_Oct1997.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Janus_Nov2001.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Jealousy_Oct2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Language_Oct2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Love_Jun2001.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Misunderstandings_Oct2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Objections_Oct1998.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Pain_Suffering_Oct1998.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Poverty_July2006.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Quakers___peace_Oct2011.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_RuleofLaw_Apr2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_SelfControl_Oct2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_StillSmallVoice_Aug1999.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Stories_Jan2000.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Testimonies_Nov2001.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Unemployment_Feb1999.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Unemployment_Jan2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_Voyage_Oct2010_0.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Hilken_WayofReligion_Jan2001.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Home_Groups__sustainability_mins.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Jack_and_Ruth_Dobbs_1922-2008.pdf (Lost?)

/: Joining instructions for Exeter FMH.pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: Margaret_Harriet_Douglas_1915-2008.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Maxwell_Peace___leadership_Oct2011.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: MBartlet-Articles.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Measuring_Well_Being_group_summary.pdf (Lost?)

/: Meeting House .pdf (in use?)

/: MemorandumofU.pdf (in use?)

/: MfS report 20131005.pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: Minute__Felicity_Kaal_08_10_11.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Minute__Paul_Parker_11_02_12.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Minute_Gathering_09_10_10.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Minute_Paul_Parker_11_02_12.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Minutes_Gathering_12_02_2011.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Mitchell_Peace___simplicity_Oct2011.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Norman_Stevens_1914-2007.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Notes_on_strengthening_AMs_jd.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Paths_to_change_121013.pdf (Lost?)

/: Poster2014-06-14-A4.pdf (in use?)

/: Poster-Vers2.pdf (in use?)

/: Quaker flavours.pdf (in use?)

/queries/attachments/: Quaker Leaflet - Climate Concern.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/attachments/: Quaker Leaflet - Climate Concern_0.pdf (Lost?)

/: Quaker_leaflet_for_Web.pdf (in use?)

/: Quaker_leaflet_for_Web_0.pdf (in use?)

/: Ray Jones 2010 The Friend Meeting for Sufferings on the internet.pdf (in use?)

/: Ray Jones 2012 The Friend Paths to Change.pdf (in use?)

/: Ray Jones 2013 The Friend Los Amigos Cuban Style.pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: Ray_Jones_2007_The_Friend_Silent_Society.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Report_of_090613.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: rkshop__Recognising_that_of_God__17_Nov_2012.pdf (Lost?)

/: Sheldon Flyer_2013.pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: Sheldon_Residential_June_2010.pdf (Lost?)

/: Sheldon2013 Booking Form.pdf (in use?)

/: Speaker-Chris-Hunter-Biog.pdf (in use?)

/: Speaker-Diana-Francis.pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: The_New_Economy_group_summary.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Thompson_Peace___the_individual_Oct2011.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Thompson_Quiet_Times_Nov2007.pdf (Lost?)

/: ToRforDAMtrustees.pdf (in use?)

/: Understanding Friends Worldwide.pdf (in use?)

/: Website basics.pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: Westcott_Peace___one_planet_living_Oct2011.pdf (Lost?)

/: What it means 2 be Quaker today_Meg Hill_POSTER.pdf (in use?)

/queries/files/: White_StillSmallVoice_Apr2009.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: White-Growth_Nov2011.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Whoosh_conference.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Whyte_Time_past_July2011.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Wilkinson_October_2009.pdf (Lost?)

/queries/files/: Working_with_Politicians_group_summary.pdf (Lost?)

/: WWI poster.pdf (in use?)

Text files (txt)

/queries/attachments/: WHERE AM I.txt (Lost?)

Word files (doc, rtf)

/queries/attachments/: 2012 Oct Advice on Lasting Power of Attorney.doc (Lost?)

/queries/attachments/: DAM Applications for membership.doc (Lost?)

/queries/attachments/: DAM Notification of Deaths.doc (Lost?)

/queries/attachments/: Funeral Wishes leaflet.doc (Lost?)

/queries/attachments/: List of the Elders and Overseers Handbooks.doc (Lost?)

/: Sheldon2013 Booking Form.doc (in use?)

/: Sheldon2013 Booking Form.rtf (in use?)

/queries/files/: Strengthening-our-Area-Meetings.doc (Lost?)

/queries/attachments/: Up to date History of TQM.doc (Lost?)