Quaker Voices

Quaker Voices

The full text of talks and articles illustrating Quakerism, by Quakers in Devon & Cornwall
(with references or links to other publications by Quaker authors living in Devon)

Talks and articles can be downloaded, read and printed from the list below. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them.


the Friend - a weekly Quaker magazine featuring news, features, personal stories, arts, humour and friendship (www.thefriend.org). Text reproduced with premission from the magazine.
Julian Brotherton (Member of Totness Meeting) - Paradoxes of Suffering April 2013.
Aidan Childs (Member of Okehampton Meeting) - 3Generate February 2013.
Gerald Conyngham (Member of Exeter Meeting) -
Marching for Land in India October 2007; Tackling Climate Change together August 2009; Climate Camp September 2009.

Alan Ray-Jones (Member of Tavistock Meeting) - The Silent Society June 2007; Meeting for Sufferings: on the internet? October 2010; Paths to Change October 2012; Los Amigos, Cuban style February 2013.
Barbara Mitchels
(Member of Exmouth Meeting) - Adam Curle Obituary 1916-2006 October 2006; Thoughts from the river December 2006; Holding the law in the light November 2010.

Nayler.org -an online Quaker journal
Andrew Williams (Member of Sidmouth Meeting): Public Health and Quakerism July 2012; Quakers and the queen, the first motion? July 2012

Radio Devon - Pauses for Thought 6:30am Sunday mornings.
Richard Hilken (Member of Exeter Meeting) - Hiroshima August 1995; Election May 1997; Homelessness October 1997; Drumcree February 1998; Objections October 1998; Pain and Suffering October 1998; Unemployment February 1999; Still Small Voice August 1999; God, Mammon & BSE November 1999; Stories January 2000; Christmas Novmber 2000; Way of Religion January 2001; Love June 2001; Testimonies November 2001; Janus Novmber 2001; 350 yrs of Quakerism September 2002; Dogmas June 2006; Poverty July 2006; Fundamentalism August 2006; Crime & Punishment October 2006; Compassion March 2007 Fundamentalism May 2007; Unemployment January 2008; Rule of Law April 2008; Growing up October 2008; Self Control October 2008; Misunderstandings October 2008; Jealousy October 2008; Language October 2008; Belief October 2009; Voyage of Discovery October 2010.
Quaker Week 2011
- Each day throughout Quaker Week 2011 (1st-9th October) a Friends from Exeter Meeting gave a 'Pause for Thought' on BBC Radio Devon. The theme of all the broadcasts was the need for peace - Richard HIlken Quakers & Peace; Chukes Maxwell Peace & Leadership; Ghee Bowman Peace & Young People; Gerald Conyngham Peace & Social Justice; Gill Westcott Peace & One Planet Living; Alison Mitchell Peace & Simplicity; Judith Thompson Peace & the Individual.

Okehampton Times - Members and attenders at Okehampton Meeting contribute to the 'Reflections' column.
Asenath Back-Chamness: The courage to think small January 2013.
Rachel ChamnessBluebell Sunday May 2013; The Christian Guide Book June 2013.
Childs: Stillness March 2012; Fears April 2012.
Barbara Childs: Live Simply June 2005; Responsibilities January 2009; Change December 2010; Peace December 2012.
Ann Dickman: The Environment June 2010.
Olive Darbyshire: Be Still October 2010.
Susan Eckles: A Quaker Way September 2009; Seeking Happiness December 2011.
Eleanor Flack: Forgiveness December 2005; Maundy Thursday April 2006; An Inconvenient Truth April 2007; Silence September 2007; New Year January 2008; Seahorses January 2010.
Jenny Hayes: Being Present April 2008; Refreshment June 2008; Outreach November 2008; Receiving June 2009; Contemplative Prayer March 2010; Community March 2011; God_is_present April 2011; Truth seeking August 2011; Simplicity September 2012.
Brian and Cynthia Higbee
: Trust August 2012.
Cynthia Higbee: Fairtrade August 2008.
Kate Thompson: Quiet Times November 2007.
Jim White: Still Small Voice April 2009.
R White: Growth November 2011.
'Holly' Whyte: Time Past July 2011.
Barbara Mitchels (2006) Love in Danger: Trauma, Therapy and Conflict, Explored through the life and work of Adam Curle, Jon Carpenter, Chipping Norton.

ISBN: 0954972767