Site Bulletins

A compendium of notices sent out to editors and Meetings since site upgrade in 2012

25 Feb 13  Bulletin #1302 To all editors

  1. The button in the top right-hand corner of the Home page will now take you to the Maintenance page for Log in. The same button is also in the block at the foot of every page, which means that if when not logged you find yourself wishing to edit the page you are on you can use that button to log in and then use the standard Back function to return to the page to be edited.
  2. As earlier indicated, the Log-in page under Members Pages has now been removed.
  3. Since the upgrade, editors have been offered an option to reset their password.  Unfortunately, the facility to “change own password” remained disabled, as it had been before the upgrade, which might have confused even young users! I have now [02Feb13] enabled it.  If you change your password I shall no longer be able to tell you what it is if you then forget it; but you can always change it again.  And I remain able to set a new password for anybody who wishes. 
  4. A note on Skype meetings has been added to the Maintenance section. This has not yet been fully tried out in practice. You are welcome to use it whenever you wish, but I would greatly appreciate being told of how it worked.
  5. A new section for Advertisements has been added. This is as yet in a very skeletal state. And we do not yet know what is its future, if any.
  6. A new depository for large files has been created which might be useful for sound recordings, pictures, etc. which you may have difficulty loading to the Web site. If you send me the file I'll send you back a URL which you can use as a link.  Alternatively, I can create an FTP account for you, if you know what that is, and you can do it all yourself.  


14 Feb 13  To Devon and Cornwall LMs and AMs

We are putting together a "Letters" page on the SW Quakers website, to report on what has been done and to offer material to be used by Friends who are inclined to be politically active. An initial collection may be found at

Has your Meeting sent any such letters recently? If so we would love to add them to our compendium. Please send the text of anything you are willing to see publicised to me or (preferably) to Alan Ray-Jones <>.

26 Jan 13  Bulletin #1301 To all editors

  1. During 2012 the long and difficult task of upgrading this site from Drupal 4 to Drupal 7 was undertaken by Internet Design and Consultancy.  The conversion proved significantly more difficult than expected and took considerably longer than scheduled. Although there were a few things left to do, it was judged expedient to activate the new version on 05 Dec 12.
  2. It is hoped that future upgrades will be relatively trouble free. However, they may entail freezing the site, or taking it off the air, for short periods. Notice of this may appear only on the site, and not necessarily far in advance.
  3. The new site was released despite being very ragged in places. Work continues in tidying it up, and in making further extensions and what is hoped are improvements. Do please keep your eyes open for things which are still not right, and tell Bill of any you think he may not have noticed.
  4. A new top-level section Maintenance has been created. This is intended to encompass all material of more interest to editors than others, much of it previously under Members pages.
  5. The Log in for editors page is still active but will shortly be removed. It is preferred that future log in be via the Maintenance page.
  6. The Working Group page has been updated. It is now called Site Maintenance Team, or just Team in the menu. In particular the old "Working Group" has been reactivated as a support group and advisory panel for the General Editor, particularly when significant changes to the site are mooted.
  7. It is intended that in future the General Editor will keep all editors and Meetings appropriately informed of events and activities relating to the site. And a new Site Bulletins page has been created as a reference repository for such notices.