What engages us

Quakers are committed to action, rather than passive acceptance of the sorrows of the world. This section of the Devon and Cornwall Web site is concerned with some of the issues that Quakers are interested in, concerns that they have, and actions that they are engaged in.

(Views expressed through any of the links on this page are not guaranteed to be shared by other Quakers.)

Environment: climate change, sustainability, etc.




Political action

Chagos Islands


Kenya schools


Civil Liberties

Quaker Concern for the Abolition of Torture (Q-CAT)

Quaker Homeless Action

Economic justice for farmers (Jansatyagraha)

Economic systems, justice and the planet


Equality. The Spirit Level.

Economics and Business.

Circles of Support and Accountability

News from Rwanda


Quaker organisation and practices

Devon and Cornwall Quaker Life Group




Quaker Bolivia Link

... and many more

QFP 23.01: Remember your responsibility as citizens for the government of your town and country, and do not shirk the effort and time this may demand. Do not be content to accept things as they are, but keep an alert and questioning mind. Seek to discover the causes of social unrest, injustice and fear; try to discern the new growing-points in social and economic life. Work for an order of society which will allow men and women to develop their capacities and will foster their desire to serve. [Advices, 1964]

A subject in this section may have its own page and in many cases its own correspondent, as shown above. Except where stated, any views expressed are presented by the named correspondent and are not guaranteed to be those of other Quakers. All material on these topics is intended to be accessible from the body of this page and its subordinate pages. The menu under this page (on the left) contains links to a changing selection of the more interesting, urgent or active topics.

This section also encompasses other ventures which many Quakers support, or are in sympathy with, but for which there may be no ongoing action in Devon and Cornwall and/or no available correspondent, in which cases there may be just links to external sites. And in some cases what is undoubtedly a serious concern does not yet have any additional material at all.

The menu also contains links to a News page and a Links page, for material that does not fit readily anywhere else in this section.