Young Quakers

Young Quakers

This is the page for young Quakers.

If you have any ideas for things you would like to see on this page or you would like help edit the page please contact me, Barbara at

I am the Children and Young People's Work Advocate for Devon and am looking for as many ways as possible to let young people know about Quaker events.

Here are some great opportunities coming up for young Quakers. Please remember that you can ask your local meeting and your Area meeting for help with the cost of these events.

Facilitation and Leadership

Woodbrooke Study Centre, Birmingham

Ages 15 -21

This is a training event run in partnership with Woodbrooke and CYP team. It provides an opportunity for young Friends to develop their skills in facilitating groups. The 2019 course has already started

Contact CYP Team 020 7663 1013 or


Junior Young Friends (JYF)

Ages 13 to 18 from anywhere


Other ways to be involved

Quaker Life Young People's Network

Ages 15 -18

Opportunities to volunteer to facilitate at events and to give your views and contributions on a range of Quaker issues.

search for "QuakerYouthParticipation" on Facebook or email cat at